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Blue Mountain Lodge was acquired by Lefe Group (Netherlands) in November 2016.
Blue Mountain Lodge is an experience of Luxury, Nature and Fantasy carefully blended into one.

Set on 200 hectares of indigenous bush, forestry and farmland, the ochre-washed Lodge with its deep-set pillared verandas and whirring white fans, is an “Out of Africa” story come true.
Great care has been taken to create unique inspiring accommodation, embracing a standard comparable with some of the top hotels worldwide. Every effort is made to match the beauty of the surroundings with friendly and efficient service.

Please find herewith further information for you perusal. Should there be any queries, we are here to assist you.

Blue Mountain Lodge - about the lodge


Over a hundred years ago, brave pioneering men with wagons laden with merchandise, travesed the untamed territory between Sabie and the shoreline of Delagoa Bay. Their progress over the ridged spine of the Drakensberg mountain range was slow and hazardous, and they were plagued by the ravages of malaria.
But they were handsomely rewarded as they witnessed the expansive beauty of untouched horizons, animals roaming freely as nature decreed, camping under vast heavens studded with a million jewel-like stars, whilst the earth jealously revealed her treasures of gold and diamonds. Men and women of strong spirit flocked in search of instant riches, and it was a time when legends were made. This territory was never created for the faint-hearted, and it has taken the same resolve and passion to create a haven of beauty and excellence such as “ Blue Mountain Lodge.”

Deep pillared verandas, a romantic mix of old and new hints at a bygone era with the sensitive blend of timelessness and present comfort. A weekly pilgrimage to the Reef ensures only the best ingredients combined with the homegrown Blue Mountain herbs and vegetables essential to the innovative and “modern” cuisine. “Blue Mountain Lodge” has firmly embraced the tradition of the area in a short time has become a Legend itself.

Blue Mountain Lodge - Mpumalanga province