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Hot air balloon

In South Africa, air adventures take you above it all. You could head for the skies in a helicopter, a paraglider, a hot-air balloon, even a tiger moth biplane. There are plenty of flying clubs, airfields, and of course, the expansive skies add to the attraction.

The best time to fly in a hot air balloon is in the early morning when the air is stable.

Open skies, good weather, airfields and flying clubs galore, are just some of the reasons why air adventures in South Africa are so popular, be it in a helicopter, a microlight, a fixed-wing plane, a skydiving parachute or simply paragliding from a mountain down to an idyllic valley below.

Float over the Magaliesberg mountains in a hot-air balloon on a Sunday morning, quietly sipping bubbly and watching the world slide by in slow motion; or let the five-star Helicopter Safaris whisk you in luxury and wide-angle visual splendour down the eastern coastline of South Africa, where you overfly the Wild Coast (and, should you feel like retrieving a little shell from a secluded beach as a memento, your pilot will surely take you there).

South African air adventures are so enticing because you get to set your own menu of experiences. A simple helicopter flip over Cape Town and the Peninsula is not too expensive but, if the weather is right and the company convivial, it could turn out to be the highlight of your South African journey.

A dawn flight over the Lowveld of Mpumalanga in a microlight, tracking a herd of impala and then swooping over the mountainside town of Barberton and landing back at base in time for a hearty breakfast, all part of flying adventures in South Africa.