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Helicopter tour

Take a helicopter flip for a change of scenery and enjoy a view of the entire countryside in a single trip before choosing your drive-to destination, or swoop low over the ocean on a coastal flip and watch the dolphins at play in the breakers below

Helicopter flips are a wonderful and oft-overlooked means of viewing a region from a unique vantage point, and they’re time-saving for the busy traveller.

South Africa’s vast Drakensberg and Cape mountain ranges, 3 000-km long coastline, stunning Cape winelands and its many extensive wildlife reserves teaming with game are just a few options open to those who decide to take to the air to appreciate the beauty of this southernmost part of Africa.

Helicopter tours with a destination beyond Cape Town might include wine tasting, shark-cage diving or whale watching, while a similar trip in KwaZulu-Natal offer a visit to the scenic midlands or a Drakensberg helicopter tour to visit exotic and breathtaking destinations like Cathkin Peak, Vultures’ Retreat, Cleft Peak and the Organ Pipes.

Some helicopter services are willing to fly clients to spectacular location for a special occasion like a marriage proposal or a wedding.

Mpumalanga Province offers the unbeatable beauty of the Blyde River Canyon with its high mountain cliffs, cascading waterfalls and natural bushveld vegetation. Flips in this part of the country include picnics on the mountainside!

Helicopter rides differ vastly in cost depending on the number of passengers, duration of the flight and type of helicopter. Commercial flights and airport transfers are generally fairly competitive, but private charters, game viewing and specialised flips like movie shoot trips or ex-Vietnam Huey helicpter sightseeing are likely to be a little more expensive.
Whatever your choice or location in South Africa, the visual experience of a helicopter flight is guaranteed to remain an unforgettable one and well worth the investment.